• “This article presents a feminist argument about the evolution of data storage in relation to the body — from our current state of wirelessness that relies on data centers for processing and containment, to future imaginaries about embedded and embodied storage in our DNA — as technologies of ‘soft surveillance’ that function largely due to a denial of the body tracked and perforated.”
  • “Airborne” in the sense of wirelessness cf Mackenzie, rather than literal air. Still, Hogan’s work is vital for thinking biopolitically w/ technology, and as such useful for this and other chapters.


  • “Surveillance, though facilitated by communication technologies, also reveals the extent to which it is the body — the human hand and voice — that carries data and interacts constantly with a device that enables mass tracking and big data regeneration.”
  • “Given this complicity, it is worth exploring in more nuanced detail the place of the body in contemporary wirelessness and among the constantly renewed and rapidly obsoleted devices facilitating it and tracking our every impulse and movement.”
  • Hogan uses feminist new materialism to “understand the current environment through a transcorporeal frame…”