• “This article approaches the technological city both from the perspective of sensors and as a conceptual thread that relates to air pollution. . . . The issue of the sensorial becomes a central focus of the article ranging from the experience of air pollution to its tracking and monitoring in remote sensing solutions.”
  • Parikka is interested first in visual media, the air as screen for mediation. This essay is useful inasmuch as it talks about pollution and air, though it’s a counterpoint to my smell focus in that chapter.


  • “There is not much that could not be represented in and as data. Things and processes, locations and addresses, the earth and its elements, and indeed, as emphasised in this article, air too can become quantified and then patterned as data that feeds as part of operations of governance. This begs the question: how do you govern by way of air?”
  • “Air is one crucial media environment in which sensation happens, but air is not the same in technological culture, let alone in the remote-sensed data city-cum-lab, as it is in a purely scientific, chemical definition. “