TBD; this was a massive unit and I need to take time to untangle everything. One of the major current things that’s worth noting from my conversation with Matt however: I think media archaeology has exhausted itself as a coherent method. That’s not to say that there aren’t still robust applications for materialism, which I think is very much here to stay (indeed, we need more of it). But the anthropological issues w/ media archaeology (boys with toys from the 80’s of their childhood) does weigh the field down. Moreover, I think that its interests do find best expression in the arts rather than the academy, which is fine but entails some questions about the province of scholarship. Finally, media archaeology struggles to scale and its struggles with scale; unfortunately, I think that scale is the pre-eminent question of our current digital studies.

One thing that’s clear: a materialist digital studies (or media studies) is not the same as “media archaeology.”