• Key question: “whether Marxist labor theory, with its concept of exploitation of labor, is still applicable to emerging modes of value capture on the Internet” (1). The answer is yes: the Internet is an “intensification,” rather than a key change, in the conditions of workplace labor.



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  • Threading together thinking on labor from Marx (necessary vs. surplus labor time) through Wiener (“responsive machines would intensify the exploitation of workers and even replace them altogether”), Lazzarato (“immaterial labor as an activity that produces the cultural content of the commodity”), and to Terranova (2).

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  • “In the first part, Andrew Ross provides a wide-ranging and sobering overview of the implications of digital technologies and monetizable labor” w/ evidence of “the current rent extraction boom” (4).

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  • Free labor “as work that is not based on employment, work that is unpaid and freely given” (4).

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